About Me

My Philosophy

Bella Vita is Italian for beautiful life! My definition of a beautiful life is to be happy and healthy by finding balance in all aspects of your life.  Everything in our lives are connected.  Have you noticed that when you are stressed or overwhelmed about something, it crosses over to other areas of your life. Perhaps your stress is interfering with your sleep. In turn, when we are lacking in sleep, we end up making poor eating choices the next day.  Can you see how when one thing in our lives is off balance, it can affect other areas?  Creating more balance in all areas of our lives translates to happiness and health! 

There are no quick fixes to achieving optimal health.  Most diets are created for the masses, a one size fits all approach.  While these fad diets may work in the short term, results are temporary.  I believe the key to longterm success is changing habits that can start a chain reaction that leads to positive, lifestyle changes that ripple throughout your life. 

Together we will identify what needs to be changed, one step at a time.  Results can only happen with change. The first step can be overwhelming but I will be there to support and guide you.  With support and accountability, anything is possible. Together, we will create healthy habits that are easily integrated into your life. I stand by my clients every step of the way in creating-long term, sustainable, and meaningful change. 

Whether your goals are to lose weight, include more nourishing and whole foods into your diet, increase your energy and vitality, reduce stress or introduce activity into your weekly regimen, we will work together to find out what habits and lifestyle decisions will best serve you.  

The only plan that will work for you is one that is customized based on your individual needs.  

My Story

As a working mother of three, I always struggled with trying to juggle all my responsibilities and also take care of myself. Ultimately, my family and work responsibilities took priority and my health suffered.  For many years I struggled with hypoglycemia, weight, and digestive issues and that lead me to dig deeper and learn more about taking control of my health.  

After many years of working in the health food Industry as an entrepreneur and sales representative I decided to follow my dream and pursue a career where I can help others realize their health & wellness goals.  I decided to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I graduated and then starting building my health and wellness practice.  I am currently the in-house nutritional counselor at SportSite Health & Racquet Club and Centerville Yoga. 

Cooking is another passion of mine! Growing up in an Italian family, the focus was always centered on joining together to create and eat delicious food. I was fortunate enough to learn from both my parents who were fabulous cooks! Working at various restaurants over the years and more recently as an assistant pastry chef at Pain D' Avignon, in Hyannis, I was able to refine my cooking skills.  

I hold healthy cooking classes where I share tips, technique and recipes that will transform everyday meals. We not only talk about real food as nourishment and as a remedy for many chronic illnesses, we also make amazing creations that are simple, yummy and packed with vitamins and nutrients!

I also cook healthy meals for clients on a weekly basis.  Some of these clients have special diets and intolerances so all my meals are GF, dairy free, soy free and mostly organic.  

Occasionally, I will cater small events and I have partnered with the catering department at Whole Foods Market, Hyannis, to support them with their catering needs.  

Health & Wellness Credentials:

Graduated from  the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (www.integrativenutrition.com) as a certified health & wellness coach.

Serve Safe Certified