Joe, SportSite Health & Racquet Club, Sandwich, MA 3/2018

"My goal was to loose 8-10 pounds, fit back into my favorite pants and learn how to control my cravings for sweets.  The program was successful in that I lost 9 pounds and back into my jeans after just one month!  More importantly, Maria taught me to make healthier choices when it comes to eating.  She is very knowledgable about nutrition and her advice and support were tremendously helpful!  She was a pleasure to work with, and was very passionate about helping me achieve my goals."

Orleans Senior Center, Karen, 11/2018

"It was a pleasure this summer to have Maria as a guest chef at the Orleans Senior Center for a cooking class held in our herb garden.   Maria brought her culinary skills along with her nutrition knowledge to create an informative class featuring summer sizzle barbecue. The recipes she selected were healthy and appropriate for the older adult.   Maria kept the group engaged with anecdotal stories of her families Italian cooking heritage that made for relaxed cooking class atmosphere.  Clearly, Maria's  passion for teaching people to cook quality natural meals to promote a healthy lifestyle is evident in all that she does."   

Donna, Nutritional Educator/Wellness Coach, Falmouth  11/2018

"Last month at our Nourish Yourself Retreat, Maria created a culinary experience with fresh organic foods that enriched all the senses with a delightful artistic flair!"

Natanya Silverman, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Studio Owner, Retreat Facilitator - 11/2018

"I was blessed to be introduced to Maria Ferguson & Bella Vita Health & Wellness through a mutual friend over the summer of 2018. At that time, Maria and I connected over our love of wellness, nutrition, Ayurveda and holistic living. Maria prepared us an impromptu Italian-inspired lunch with delicious fresh salad, pesto, pasta and watermelon for dessert. It was such a loving, light and memorable summer lunch. After this memorable introduction to Maria, I knew I wanted to collaborate with her.

 In Autumn 2018, I invited Maria to be the chef for a full day Yoga, Meditation, & wellness retreat at a private property with an spectacular organic garden. Maria's enthusiasm, professionalism, and creativity with this project was inspiring! Using a variety of fresh vegetables, herbs and even flowers from the garden, Maria crafted a gourmet, plant-based lunch, and incredible refreshments throughout the day! From the kale-based salad, to the modern spin on Kitchari (an Ayurvedic, Indian dish), to the robust smoothies, potent hormone-balancing elixirs, and unforgettable energy balls, Maria's menu was wholesome, delicious and a BIG hit!  Whether you're looking for a personal chef, or someone to help you reboot your wellness practices, or looking to add a unique, healthy & flavorful menu to your special event or experience, look no further than Maria Ferguson & Bella Vita Health & Wellness. Maria's cooking, & her loving, knowledgeable and passionate dedication to her clients and her craft will leave you feeling blissful, nourished and craving more!"

Karen, Sandwich, MA, 9/2018

"Thank you Maria for guiding me and helping me discover how certain foods were causing my digestive issues.  I have become much more healthy food conscious and have learned to control urges with other food choices and lifestyle changes.  Maria has gained an extensive knowledge of food and health science. She is patient and affirming and always forgiving when I slip and willing to help me return to the plan."

Vita,  West Hempstead, NY,  8/2018

"Maria is a great listener and helped me reach my goals to feel healthier, loose weight and be more aware of the foods I eat. Maria educated me about different dietary theories and ways to reduce stress.  We discovered what worked best for me. She guided me towards healthier eating habits and I was able to incorporate much of what I learned into our family‚Äôs nutrition.  She also helped me with my food cravings and how to avoid temptations.

I saw the most significant improvement with my indigestion and acid reflux pains.  Overall, I am more conscience of how to live a healthier life, what I eat and how to deal with stress."